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Relaxing on a stormy beach at Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon.
Yes, you can do that with a camper and a 4WD Truck!
We have two RV's.  One is for living in and one is for camping in.

For camping, we are perfectly happy in our 2010 Lance 992 Truck Camper. We used to have a 1999 Ford F350 Super Duty to haul it with (pictured), and it was a great arrangement. One of the things we love MOST about our camper, is our ability to literally go ANYWHERE with no planning.  In years past, we had a 39' fifth wheel trailer. It was lovely, well-equipped and fancy.  It was also heavy, and HUGE. Going anywhere with it required a little advance planning and my nerves required that we usually had reservations so we knew there would be a place we could fit such a large trailer.

While it IS nice to have the extra space, the lack of spontaneity completely negates any benefit to us. Our camper has actually MORE convenience, with a generator and large holding tanks. It's like having a compact, 4-wheel-drive motorhome. We have camped creekside in forests (literally) we have crawled back into logging roads and dirt tracks that we could not have even fantasized doing with a large rig.  We can drive it anywhere, and actually park in a PARKING SPACE at the store! Try THAT with a big rig!  It feels good not to panic after turning down a road that we couldn't get through, or arriving at a campground with a tiny winding road through tall, mature trees (which describes MOST of Washington State Parks).

Our Lance actually has two slides, and is shockingly roomy inside. Everyone who goes inside is greatly surprised at how livable it is. It has a full-sized rv refrigerator and a bathroom/shower and a queen-sized bed. It has all the comforts of a larger RV, with a tiny footprint. WE LOVE IT.

Home Sweet Home!
We are also "Full Time RVers" better known in our crowd as "Fulltimers".  HOME is a 2015 Redwood 38RL 5th Wheel Trailer by Crossroads.  It is 41 feet of home on wheels, and we love it.  We took delivery of our new home in June of 2014, and life has never been sweeter.

It's an extremely personal thing to choose the right rig for your own situation.  There is no perfect rig: you will always sacrifice something to gain access to something you want more.  Space for maneuverability, features for cost, and on and on.  For us, this was the right combination.  If you are thinking of RVing, or Fulltiming, we hope our little blog can give you some helpful insights into what kinds of things to consider and hopefully give you a better idea of what will work for you.

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