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I have searched for this blog. I tried books, newsletters and magazines and internet interest groups. I tried Facebook, I have looked everywhere I could think of to find a book about what we love to do, and I could not. The only solution then, was for me to write it myself. This blog is not about “RVing” or "Fulltiming" per se. It is not about “Camping” either and it’s not about saving money. Being economical, yes, but not being “cheap”. It is about a very specific type of recreating that we do as often as possible. The most common feature in our travels is our Lance Truck Camper. Sometimes we travel, but don’t "camp". Sometimes we "camp". Sometimes we simply use it as a hotel room. We think of our camper as our “satellite-home” that keeps us together and comfortable and happy no matter what adventure we are embarking on.

To us, “camping” is when you go to a location and the RV at that location IS the destination. Usually it involves campfires and folding chairs and great outdoor cooking. It’s kids and dogs and s’mores and sleeping bags. We do that a lot, and we love it. Our camper is right there with us, playing the role of “camping RV” like a champion.  At those times it will be packed with all of those wonderful things that when spread out around us, create the perfect framework for some great family memories, lots of laughing and playing, and usually indulging in delicious food and drink that we only get to have when we do this thing we call “camping”

“Travelling” is a different kind of recreating and our camper is even better at this. Travelling becomes the mode when we set out for specific destinations where people may normally make a hotel reservation or plan to stay in an RV park in close proximity to a particular place, like a national park or a resort or place like Disneyland. Then the camper assumes the role of “abode” and is not featured in a big way in the destination. It becomes the enabler for us to go about our business of enjoying the destination without enduring the unpleasantness of not having our comfortable home with us. It vanishes politely into the background, supplying us with our creature comforts brilliantly.  Though unprepossessing, it is impressively equipped with our own stuff, our own food, our own toothbrushes, our own kitchen and our own bed. It’s the perfect travelling companion and it stands ready to go in literally minutes from when we decide to leave.  

We even use our camper as lodging in a more non-traditional way. Often when we have to travel for business or work, rather than staying in a hotel (even though it’s paid-for) we opt to take our camper instead when practical. Obviously if we are travelling great distances in a short amount of time, this is not practical, but whenever it is, it is our preferred choice.  

It’s important to recognize that the place where we lie down and sleep at night is inside of our camper. We don’t always have it parked in a beautiful park, or next to a creek, or at the ocean, but when we close the blinds at night for a good sleep, the inside of the camper is HOME. It’s comfy and clean and safe and it’s familiar. It doesn’t matter where it’s parked. In this way, it doesn’t matter if we are in a Walmart parking lot on our way to our next adventure or, as we often are, in the middle of a sublime natural wonder, like the Giant Redwoods.  The camper is the catalyst to pleasure, exploration and fun which make getting there all that much more enjoyable, and coincidentally, affordable. Just as in life, it’s not where you end up that matters, but what happens on the way there! Here’s to many great journeys where we discover and enjoy what matters most in our lives!

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