Monday, September 24, 2018

Washoe Lake Campground, Reno, NV

Hi Kids!

Well you KNEW we would stop in Reno! So here we are. We opted to stay a little out of town at a super nice little campground called Washoe Lake. This is, again, dry camping, no hookups of any kinds, though they do have water and a dump station as you enter the park. The cost is $15 per night.

Loved the covered picnic tables in some of the sites!
This campground is also on a lake. 
We were glad that we stuck to our 2-2-2 rule, because it was a Friday night, and we got one of the last sites that our rig would fit in. Most of the sites were on the small side and we would have really struggled. By late afternoon, all of the sites were taken, and people were parking in the overflow area near the equestrian sites. 

The next morning we got up early and headed for Reno. We weren't sure how long we would be there, but we knew it would be fun. Reno, as you know, is very nostalgic for us. It is the town we spent all of our time in when we first met and were dating. Seems like not long ago at all... and yet is was more than 33 years ago. Wow, time flies.

We were happy to see that Reno has cleaned up a LOT since the last time we were there. The city is much cleaner, less trash and less poverty. We felt a lot safer walking the streets and even saw big improvements. I hope that continues. It's a cute town.

We spent most of our time in Silver Legacy... that was Grammy's favorite place in Reno, ours too.  So even though we weren't big winners, we still had a good time and were glad we went.

Getting ready for a pretty big haul next, back into California for one more stop, and there will be a lot of grades. Grades are always a little more stressful when you are pulling a trailer this big. So far, everything has been performing very well, but we certainly do not take that for granted!!

Love you and miss you so... MOM

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