Sunday, September 23, 2018

Rocky Point East on Eagle Lake in California

Hi Kids!

Rocky Point East, BLM, Eagle Lake, California
We had an easy, uneventful haul down into California. We are trying to keep to our preference of "2-2-2" which is only drive two hours, settled by 2 pm, stay a minimum of 2 nights. We came close, but the drive was a little longer. That's ok.

This is a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) area, and you are allowed to stay on the land for up to 14 days at no charge. Of course, this is very raw camping, no hookups of any kind, and the "sites" if you can call them that, are rarely level or convenient. We were able to hoist our big girl up in a nice area with a view, and we worked to get here level... which worked, but as we are often finding, it means that the trailer is literally on it's jacks completely on one side:
You can see our wheels are well off the ground!

This was a very quiet place and the area is literally surrounded by all of the wildfires we had been hearing about lately. We made plans to go on a bike ride nearby in another local park, and we drove through miles of horribly burned forest. It was very sad and very sobering to see. We had a GLORIOUS 10 mile ride on our bikes through a beautiful, scenic pine forest next to another lake-I cannot remember the name of it unfortunately.  We have been faithfully doing our walking in the mornings and trying to get in better shape for the hiking that lies ahead. That is going very well.

It was a very quiet stay, and much needed. We have been going pretty hard since Dad retired, and our life has completely changed, to say the least. We are quite exhausted, and it certainly doesn't feel like we are retired yet. It feels like we are on a vacation. We feel that urgency of "hurry up and see everything because we have to go home." We have to keep reminding ourselves that WE ARE HOME! 

Thank you for the pictures and snapchats from home! It helps SO MUCH. We will check in from our next stop! Love you! MOM

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