Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Glass Creek Campground, Mammoth Lakes, California

Hi Kids!

 Well, we made it. To yet another stop, and we are now back in California.

We weren't sure how this one would be, but we were very pleasantly surprised! Dad does lots of research on places, reading what other bloggers have written that have large rigs like ours, so we don't go in completely blind, but still, you are always a little apprehensive when you pull in. Sometimes you can pull in a place and you literally are trapped and can't get turned around.

This is another BLM location, free for 21 days here. There is, as usual, no hookups so we came in with a tank full of freshwater and empty holding tanks. We do that every time. So far we have been extremely comfortable between our large tanks and are big solar system and generator, we don't suffer much.

It became quickly apparent that we could move around in this campground, and we picked out a level spot. We have found that the leveling blocks we got as an after thought have been used a lot already. Super glad we have them. Very few of these BLM type sites are completely level, and our jacks stroke out sometimes trying to get level.

There is a beautiful, clear creek running through this campground, and it is used mainly by off road enthusiasts. There are 2200 hundred miles of dirt track around this park, and people were there with their toys. I kept thinking of Kevin and Conor... they would love it there. You can ride all day and rarely ride the same road twice.  Naturally we took the RAD Bikes out for a few miles!

Those are "Tufas" in the back ground, ancient!!
This campground is also very close to a favorite place of ours, Mono Lake. It is TEN TIMES saltier than the ocean. It is also extremely alkaline. We have been paddling on it before but we had to do it again. It's a funny place, they ask you to get off of the lake by noon, because the wind kicks up so badly, and so it does. We got off just as the ripples started across the water. By the time we had the kayak packed up it was WINDY.

You can see by the photo of my leg that the lake water just coats everything with what feels like baking soda. This is, in fact, what it is. The boat, our skin... everything was chalk white.

We are getting ready to move again, this time much further south. We will have to go down some very steep grades because we are at almost 8000 feet here! It's very unnerving to look behind you and see that huge fifth-wheel in the rear window, chasing you down the mountain. The truck is doing an excellent job, though, and we are very happy with it.

I will check in when we get where we're going! We are shooting for a place called Tuttle Creek in Lone Pine, California. It is a cute little town where they made a TON of movies, mostly westerns. Grammy would have LOVED to go there!


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