Thursday, August 9, 2018

NEW A/C And Great Service Experience!

From day 1, our rear A/C hasn't been right. We should have whined more about it, and in retrospect, we are kicking ourselves. It cost us plenty, because we had to replace it on our dime. Don't do what we did, if something is not right when you buy a new RV, INSIST on getting it fixed-even if repeated visits to service are required. We learned our lesson.

This is our coach only 10 minutes
after arriving at B Young!
Our A/C is also a heat pump and we use it a ton. Whenever we are plugged in, and the temperature is a little chilly (but ABOVE 35 or so degrees) we use the heat pumps on our unit to keep us toasty. As you might assume, that is a lot of use.  Well, the switch that converts cooling air to hot air (it's all the same function, just a question of which way the air is flowing) seized in the "cooling" position.  Not only that, the cooling function was just mediocre. Since we only have 2 A/C's in our big Redwood, that becomes a problem in a heat wave.

We purchased our Redwood from B Young RV near Portland, Oregon.  We have commented about them before, but I just have to give them yet another shout out-more than 4 years after our purchase!-For great customer service in their service department.  All RVers hear a ton of tales about poor service, lack of service, long waits for service... none of the above apply to B Young RV, at least in our experience. In the middle of a heatwave, Richard Tran (our favorite service adviser!) scheduled us in less than a WEEK from my call for a new A/C. We arrived on time, and we left within three short hours. How's that for a good outcome?  Thank you so much B Young RV for making service a priority for your customers, and to Richard for working hard to make us happy! Sorry this looks like an ad for them... it's not. We are just very grateful.  We pay full fare for their services :-)

Something I know now after ordering our fifth wheel with two heat pumps: One is enough. We have been going through winter with only one working heat pump for 4 years now, and it has always been enough. Remember, a heat pump will not heat if the outside temp goes below about 35-40 degrees, and then the furnace turns on.  If you are thinking of adding heat pumps to your rig, keep this in mind. One is probably enough.  But two A/C's is a necessity in temps over about 85, if there is no shade, especially.

We chose a newer version of our unit, the Coleman Mach 8 15K BTU with heat pump.  Very low-profile (and great feature, reducing our height!).  We thought the old A/C was working "ok"... now we know that it was NOT.  Our coach is nice and cool now, even in the 100 degree temps we are currently suffering here in Washington state. We always have a heat wave every summer and I won't dread it as much any more!