Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pyramid Lake, Park of the Sierras and DISNEYLAND!

HI Kids!

After Yosemite, we headed back down out of the mountains. It was a long drive, and we decided to stop at a place we really love for some rest and relaxation... and LAUNDRY!  We were headed for an Escapee park, "Park of the Sierras". A great place, with incredibly friendly and helpful members who always welcome you and make you feel at home.  We got there just after 5 pm, so the park office was closed, and there was a sign that invited us to boondock just outside the locked gate in a very picturesque location overlooking a quiet desert landscape, so we did.

Next morning, we went inside and boondocked in the visitor's area.  It's $5/night, and the first night is FREE. We were only staying one night, so that makes for a pretty economical place to stay, right?  They made sure we knew that there was a potluck Mexican food gathering that night and to please join them.  I had the fixings for some Spanish rice so I made that and joined the party.  We met several other couples there and ended up with an extended social time with one couple who was passing through in their motor home. We really had a nice visit and we swapped travel stories-so much fun! They gave us some good tips on our next destinations since they were from that area, which was great.

I got all of my laundry done in their immaculate laundry room and we got all packed up the next morning and headed out again.  This time we were headed to southern California.  To break up the drive, we decided to stop at Pyramid Lake off of I-5 near Castaic California. It was VERY hot outside and we thought we would take the Kayak in the lake. It turned out to be too much of a hassle and we were tired, so we simply stayed in the RV park there. We may just as well have boondocked somewhere. It was a little too much money to stay at a dusty, no-hookups place.  It's more difficult to boondock when it's so crazy hot outside, I simply cannot sleep when it's that hot, plus we have gone through so many temperature extremes it's making me crazy. Only a couple of days prior we were in almost freezing temps and rain.  So, we stayed the night and got up and headed to DISNEYLAND!

Look who is coming home to live with Milly!
I know, we seem to go there a lot.  This time we bought a two-day pass and after doing our usual visit, decided that if we go in the next few years by ourselves ONE day will definitely be enough.  Now, all bets are off when we go with baby Milly!!  We can't wait for that. We find ourselves just watching other little kids like some kind of stalkers, dreaming of the day when we can be here with Milly!! It was hot at Disneyland, but thankfully, not too crowded. I will stand by my opinion last time we were here, the best time to go for perfect weather and low crowds is the week before Thanksgiving, for sure.  So, time to head out of civilization again. I'll be updating you on the drama that happened next in my next post... Miss you all! Love, Mom.

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