Saturday, September 17, 2016

Crater Lake Stop

Hi Kids!
We arrived at Crater Lake NP after a lengthy delay for road construction on the way up.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day and the lake was like it always is: Bright blue and surreal.  We made a B-Line for the gift shop and got our T-shirts (we intentionally packed only a couple of T-shirts for the trip, intending to replentish our stock of National Park wear!).  It's only the second night away from home but we are on track for our goal of doing as much boondocking as possible.  After seeing the sights, we headed down the other side of the mountains toward Lassen.  We have not seen it before, and it has been on our list for a long time.
After this trip we will have seen MOST of the western National Parks.  We had to change our route (reversed it actually) because we just missed the good weather up at Glacier. We want to go when it's not rainy and in the 40's... I mean, we can get that at HOME right?

Our Allstays app indicated there was a free boondocking spot at Annie's Creek snow park, so that's where we headed. Until November 1, there is no permit required.  We pulled in to find it PERFECT, and one of the best boondocking spots we have come across.  Definitely goes on our list of repeats if we are need of overnights in the area again.  Beautiful Annie's creek runs through the park and there is ample parking for lots of rigs. Anything from a big rig (which would be the paved parking lot) or if you have a high clearance rig you can venture down the very decent gravel road to the creek area. AWESOME.

This morning we had our coffee and buttoned up the Lance and hit the road about 8:30. We hope to arrive in the Lassen area around lunch time where we will stay for the night.  Dad randomly said maybe we could stop by Disneyland on our way back up depending on how we go... He laughed when I gasped with my hand over my heart. I ALWAYS want to go to Disneyland!  Miss you all so much! Love, Mom.

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