Saturday, November 14, 2015

Route 66-We DID Get Our Kicks!

Hi Kids!

Seligman, AZ on Route 66!
So we were headed toward Vegas and Lake Mead and all that as planned. It was late morning after having left the Grand Canyon and the sun was just shining all over the place, and all was right with the world.  We were traveling down I-40, which is the main East-West connection to Los Angeles from parts East, and we had been on it for a couple of days now. I-40 replaced much of old historic Route 66, which was the main through-fare in bygone days.  I had always wanted to see it.  There are many areas of the historic route that are still there and you can see much of the historic nostalgia that it contains.  The Disney movie "CARS" depicts characters and scenery directly from areas of this famous roadway, if that helps you visualize better!

It was like being in a movie set!
Anyway, so we are screaming down the freeway and we came upon a well-known piece of the old Route 66, so with guidebook in hand, Dad took the exit and we traveled along the old, 2-lane highway that led us into the famous town of Selligman.  I didn't have high expectations, because very little planning went into this little detour, but I have very fond memories of when I was very young, and traveling with Grammy and Grandpa in California to visit Grandpa George and in those days, that is how his town always looked.  He owned a Texaco gas station that looked every bit like the ones we saw today.  I remember big Grandpa George, a former boxer and self-proclaimed ladies' man, he would be there with his hair slicked back with Brilcream and his sleeves rolled up over arms as big as tree trunks. He would pick us up and I remember his hands were huge like a giant's hands and he always smelled of aftershave.

It was a step back in time, so cool.
So we drove in to the town of Seligman, and WOW.  It was SO COOL.  It had just enough real rust and destruction to lend it the authenticity that cannot be faked.  Lots of old-school neon signs and the old style motels that I remember from my early childhood where you drove right up to the door of your room.  I guess it's nostalgic to some of us, and just quirky to others, but the history and Americana here really resonated with me.  We had such a fun time because at this time of year there was a minimum of tour buses and people and we were able to take our time and soak it in.  I doubt very many people have pictures of themselves here without hoardes of people all around.

There was NO WAY we were missing this!
As we were leaving town, there it was: The Roadkill Cafe!  Well, there was no way were driving past that.  Dad parked the camper in the lot and we went inside and enjoyed a really delicious lunch in a very quiet cafe. The waitress actually apologized because it was so empty that time of day! Was she kidding? We were thrilled! We read the endless stuff on the walls and had a great lunch. They have thousands of dollar bills with names and things written on them stapled all over the walls and ceiling. Dad added ours to the collection. They told us where it would be mounted and so we will know where to look for it when we return again!

What a great little detour on our way to TACKY Las Vegas!  I filled up my tank with authentic Americana and will take that with me to the least authentic place on earth: Las Vegas.  I guess there is a certain originality to it's FAKENESS, and God, I love it!  We are having so much fun and talk endlessly about how much we wish we could travel here with all of you.  It would be a HOOT!  Miss you all! Love, Mom.

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