Friday, November 20, 2015

Afton Canyon-A Favorite Boondocking Spot in Southern California

Hi Kids!

Nothing like a little solitude in the desert to
wash away that Vegas taste in your mouth!
While this is not a "destination" it's a cool stopping spot that we wanted you to know about.

We have stayed here before, on our way to Southern California.

The first time we stayed here, we ventured in there looking simply for a place to sleep.
We had pulled off of the freeway in "Baker" California to have lunch, and Dad was perusing the map looking for a possible boondocking spot.

It's a nice, quiet spot. At night the stars
are so bright it's almost unbelievable.
As luck would have it, we were already there. Afton Canyon is a BLM campground that is way off the freeway just on the edge of the Mojave Preserve off of highway 15.

You drive down a dirt track road for what seems like further than it is, and wind your way into a canyon that is a stunning escape from civilization, and yet just civilized enough to get a truck back there.  It is a rough road, and I would not recommend travelling it with a light duty vehicle or a trailer.  Definitely not if the weather is bad. You can see where water has washed out the road in flash floods and they have had to come in a re-grade it.  There are some steep sections that made me a little nervous, but you know Dad, he just throws it in 4 wheel drive and keeps going.  I was ok, because I knew there would be wine at the end, thank GOD.

There is a lonely stretch of track that
runs through the park.
It's a favorite destination for off-road vehicles and has several small campsites that have tables, fire rings and a small sun shade roof over the tables.

With our discount from our Annual Pass, it cost us a whopping $3 to stay here.  After Vegas, this fit our budget perfectly!

Tomorrow we continue our trip heading to the Los Angeles area and you-know-where, but we will take our time.  We will make one more stop on the way, probably another very low-budget type place.

Our solar panels have been performing as we had hoped, and we are not wanting for anything.  Pretty awesome, not having to have hookups or anything, it opens up a whole other world of choices for places to stop over and we get to see some places that most people never get to see.

More soon! Love, Mom

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