Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Defining "Home"

This stencil is on our wall.
Isn't it perfect?
We learned something very interesting when we left our sticks and bricks house and became full-time RVers. We spent a lot of time worrying about the emotional transition after leaving our house. We were focused on the "things" in our life, and that is a very natural thing to do. I think everybody does that to some extent. 

But when we removed the "things" from our life what we discovered is that buried underneath was a wonderful treasure. I dare say, had we not made the move, we may never have discovered the richness of living life with less "stuff". We will forever be grateful of the discovery of this facet of our relationship that was obscured by the debris of a life filled with things. 

No matter what our future holds we will always take this wonderful discovery with us in our hearts forever. I think this is one of the secrets that full-timers have that draws us to each other and when we meet we have an unspoken connection through something wonderful that not everybody understands.

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