Saturday, October 18, 2014

Victoria And Olympic National Park Trip Day 1

As we often do, we decided to leave late in the evening the night before, right after Todd got off of work. We were like kids going to summer camp: We were excited to HIT THE ROAD! We knew we would probably stay at a Wal-Mart parking lot later, but that was fine. It's such an adventure!

Parked in the Escapees $5 Dry Camping Area.
Sure enough, around 11 PM we pulled into the Wal-Mart in Centralia, WA and quietly snuck into a little spot and enjoyed our first night of vacation.  The next morning, we continued on and had planned to get up close to Port Angeles, WA where we would catch our ferry to Victoria B.C.  Since we are new Escapees members, we decided to take advantage of a very nice park they have in Washington not far from where we were headed.

The next morning we headed over to Port Angeles, WA to board Black Ball Ferry's famous "COHO" ferry. We stopped along the way at a local casino to pass the time and then continued to our boarding spot. We were plenty early enough and this put us at the front of the line. We parked and got our fare taken care of and then retreated to the inside of our camper to have lunch and a couple of beers while we waited. We watched a little TV and took care of answering some emails as we knew that our internet access might be limited in Victoria.  I was not willing to pay the rates that Verizon wanted to access through our mobile phones, so we decided to live without it. We needn't have worried, because the park we stayed at had WiFi.

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