Thursday, September 5, 2013

We Are Almost Ready To Leave On Our Month Long Trip Across The Western U.S.!

It's finally near, our "big trip" as it has come to be known. Now that we have added the desired upgrades to both our home life (sold my horses, put garden to bed, closed pool) and our Lance (added solar, LED lights and bought serviceable hiking gear, MRE's and a good MAP!) we prepare for departure.  This will be the lengthiest and loveliest trip of all, there can be no doubt. We are travelling the entire Western U.S. to see many of our National Parks and monuments.  Is Disneyland a National Park? Las Vegas? No? Well, we are going there anyway! We have quite the itinerary planned... but best of all, it's all "flexible" which is the only way we will travel. What good is a vacation if it is stressful?
One upgrade that we haven't yet completed, but will before we leave is the addition of our new Olympian Wave-3 Catalytic Heater. This will be our biggest battery-draw savings because we shouldn't have to use the resource-gobbling furnace at all. These heaters drink minimal propane and use NO battery whatsoever. They are safe and do NOT produce carbon monoxide. They DO consume oxygen, but that is not poisonous, and is easily rectified by cracking a window open during operation. You would become very uncomfortable (breathlessness, headache) from low oxygen levels LONG before you would be in any danger if there was an accidental depletion of oxygen.  I will update you on the install and our opinion of it when it's finished.

We'll do our best to take everyone along on our trip right here on our little blog, then nobody has to sit through boring trip photos when we return.

We plan to use Google Maps to track our journey so you can see where we are.  You can check our progress by clicking the link at the top right that says "Current Trip Map".  Our goal is to boondock as much as possible and see how that goes. I have already written about our version of "Stealth Camping" HERE and it is sort of unique to us "truck campers". It's the thing we love most about our Lance camper... We can truly be vagabonds of the highest order.

The night of September 12th cannot get here soon enough! We shall depart under the cover of darkness and head east, up HWY 84 toward Boise, Idaho where Todd will have to work one more day before we are truly on "vaykay".

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