Sunday, September 15, 2013

#168 Twin Falls Idaho

We spent the day in Boise yesterday while Todd attended his class.  It was fairly warm-in the 80's and I spent much of the day walking through the very nice art fair/farmer's market they had going on downtown. I also watched a little TV in the camper which I had parked in the street near the hotel where Todd was attending his class.  Nice to be able to have that flexibility.

Definitely took the solar system to the mats yesterday, it got extremely warm inside the camper as it was in full sun. I turned on all of the roof vents AND the furnace fan on full.  Not only that, I had the TV and DVD player going the whole time and not to mention phone chargers, water pump and things like that. The battery stayed fully charged in spite of this load! Now, granted, the panels were in full sun and pulling in max exposure, but I was very pleased on the consumption rate.

We left Boise and stopped at the local Flying J on the way out of town and filled up our water tank and dumped our holding tanks. We stopped and bought some fresh fruit and decided we were ready for our next adventure. We traveled down I-84 to Twin Falls where we spent the night in a Wally World parking lot. It was restful and I think it's awfully cool of Wal-Mart to offer this convenience in so many of their stores. We always purchase our current shopping list full while we are there. Some people say they "won't camp at a Wal-Mart" but I disagree. Staying overnight on your way somewhere is not "Camping". Wal-Mart is never a destination, it is a resting spot on our way to somewhere to "Camp".

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