Saturday, September 14, 2013

#167 Boise

We made it to Boise afer a really great day of simply driving and enjoying being on a trip.  We stopped in Pendleton, Oregon for a few groceries and found it crawling with the annual Pendleton Roundup. That's how we do things... come rolling into town during one of the biggest rodeos in the country! Boondocking spots in the local Walmart were going for $20 for the week. We parked in what was left of the regular parking lot, hoping they wouldn't mistake us for cowboys trying to get a freebie.

We had lunch at the overlook just leaving Pendleton and were again amazed at the might of our new solar system. So far it has been super good. Full power most of the time and the Odyssey batteries that were so expensive deliver power much like being plugged in to AC. We simply have not felt the effects of not having a campsite at all.  I expect today we will have to top off the water, or tomorrow.

Last night we stopped at the Julia Davis Park near the Boise Zoo. We had a delish steak dinner with sweet potatoes and grilled eggplant. As a weak thunderstorm rolled in we unstrapped the bikes and rode over to Boise State University because there was a Broncos football game going on. It was a lot of fun mingling with tailgators and listening to the crowd inside the stadium. So festive. Once again, our timing has been perfect!

Todd has his training in Boise all day today and then we are truly free. 

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