Saturday, September 14, 2013

#166 Giles French Park USACE

It's finally here! We left last night on our "BIG TRIP" about 6 PM just like we thought we would. There is always more to do just before we leave than we think there is. So off we went and headed East up I-84 in Oregon. We drove about 2.5 hours and then decided to stop and eat and call it a night. It was a busy day.  We stopped at a place we have stopped before to boondock for the night right next to the John Day Dam. There is ample parking and feels relatively safe. I have seen others post that they thought it was dangerous because of crooks in the night, but in 30 years we haven't heard of a single incident occuring here. Besides, anyone trying to come for a visit in the middle of the night in our rig would almost certainly regret it... Todd's not exactly "helpless" and we travel well armed.

During the night, as it often does in the Gorge, the wind kicked up. I mean it REALLY kicked up! It sounded like a hurricane was raging outside even though it was over 90 degrees when we went to bed. We had to close our roof vents because they were being ravaged by the wind. Definitely need to get more vent covers so we can have them open in all weather conditions.

On our new solar: I am very pleased to report that we arrived with a full battery and it was put to full use overnight with fans running and the television and dvd player running most of the night to drown out the wind.  The morning showed it barely diminished and it felt like we had full hookups, wow. SO cool.  We have decide that it might be best to try and keep our driving time to early morning and late evenings (after dinner) because of the heat. So far so good!

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