Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This Is How You Hang Pictures, Keys, Phones, Wet Clothes And Other Things Up!

I used to HATE trying to figure out how to customize the inside of the RV. One great thing to do is to hang a key-holder rack just inside the RV door, down low, so you can reach it while standing outside. This is something we use countless times per day to open the storage doors, the outdoor shower, hang the truck keys, etc... But drilling holes in the paper-thin walls of an RV is not only scary (who KNOWS what's behind the wall?) but greatly depreciates the value of your rig and it's aesthetics. You are also putting yourself at great risk of doing damage you will very much wish you hadn't, like creating a hole through to the OUTSIDE!!

This is the solution:
3M Adhesive Accessories

We hang our keys up near the door, reachable from the ground OUTSIDE the RV. Very handy:

We use this charging station by 3M to hang our mobile phone for charging, conveniently next to our DC outlet.  It's a little hard to see, because it's clear. It's directly above the AC outlet on the wall. We love this little thing. It has strategic cut-outs in the plastic that keep the cord where it is supposed to be.
Then we have another favorite little helper that we use all the time. They are suction hooks that you can buy most anywhere. Today's RV's are usually clad in shiny fiberglass, it's the perfect surface for these handy little guys. We use them to hang wet towels and bathingsuits up outside to dry in the summer, and do the same thing in cool wet weather when we have dripping coats. When the awning is out, it's the perfect place to get them hung up to dry, and get them OUT of the camper. PERFECT!

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